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Patch Notes – March 9th, 2022

New Update

1. [Spell] Adjusted the mechanism of Water Prison. Now it will always remove [Immune] effects first.

2. [Arena] Added an interface for Arena Rules

3. [Dungeon] All No Man’s Land will be open to new players for 7 days after they create their account

4. [Gear]: Dragonscale Set: Takes 30% less damage from critical strikes. (Will not stack with the same effect)


1. [Packs] Fixed a bug where the UI does not refresh after claiming the Newbie Pack.

2. [Godfery] Fixed a logic bug of Godfery: If Godfery is stunned when the enemy casts a group buff, his trait would incorrectly target all enemies when the enemy casts a single-target buff in the next turn.

3. [Orakh] Fixed a translation error of Orakh’s ability in Traditional Chinese

4. [Imogen] Fixed the error where Imogen’s Moonlight buff on the text and the actual stacks does not match when she gains multiple stacks

5. [Gubeg] Fixed a bug where Nicklaus does not take his turn before Gubeg when teamed together.

6. [UI] Fixed the issue of lagging when using Skip Formation for Multi-Battle

7. [Settings] Fixed the bug where some game settings may be reset.


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