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Patch Notes – March 17th, 2022

New Update

※Contents under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information for time and details.

1. [Hero] New Wood Legendary Hero-Boolin will be available

2. [Event] Advanced Summon Rate Up Event opens. Chance of summoning Boolin increases by 3x in Advanced Summon for a limited time!

3. [Magic Pass] New Magic Pass [The Gift of Frost – Hydrissea] will be available on Mar.17.

4. [Summon] Improved the graphics in Summons. Now it will show effects on the hero’s models.

5. [System] Improved red-dot notifications in the main menu. Now, most notification dots will disappear after being checked.


1. [Void Tower] Fixed a display error in Void Tower UI

2. [Hero] Fixed a bug where the search result in Index does not match the hero’s abilities

3. [Garrell] Fixed a bug where Garrell’s Bonus Attack from Cursed Set does not deal extra damage

4. [Dungeon] Fixed a bug in Ash Magisteria where his abilities do not trigger Joint Attack with the Fire Imps.

5. [Abilities] Fixed some translation errors in certain languages

6. [Other] Fixed other display errors in certain interfaces


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