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Patch Notes – July 13th, 2022

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates

1. [Guild] Added the guild leader impeachment function.

2. [Event] Advanced Summon Rate Up Event opens! The chance of summoning Boolin is increased by 3x in Advanced Summon for a limited time!

3. [Forge] Newly forged gear will have a “new” icon in the Backpack and Manage Gear interface.

4. [Custom Set] The text font library that can be used for the name of the Custom Set has been expanded.

5. Battle balance adjustment:

Reduced the Elemental damage bonus from 150% to 120% (in the Arena, Team Arena, and Sky Duel).

Balancing the benefits of [Precision] and [Agility], the attacker now requires less [Precision] to counter with the [Agility] of the defender.

In a PvP environment, Urion’s Elemental Countering damage remains as a 150% damage increase. element advantage effect.

6. Adjusted [Nicklaus]’s Ascension: Ascend1’s attribute bonus was changed to Attack +15%.

7. [Sky Duel] After Sprouting Season, S1 – Voyager officially opened on Jul.13, and the following content optimizations have been done:

Optimized the opening period of the Sky Duel, and now there are 3 openings each day.

Optimized the point calculations, now the point difference between the two sides will affect the final score.

Reward adjustment: improved end-of-season tier reward and added one Hero skin to the reward list.

Added the option to forfeit during the Ban/Pick process.

Players can switch to other interfaces within Sky Duel during matching. Players are still prohibited from switching to interfaces other than Sky Duel, for precautions to protect data integrity.

In order to limit the wait time of the Ban/Pick process, idling players timed out in the selection phase will have their next selection time halved.

Fixed a bug where an empty scene appears before battles.


1. [Battle] Fixed the bug that Aura-type abilities still work after the character is slain.

2. [Battle] Optimized the problem that the Joint Attack triggered by AOE-type abilities may target a different enemy.

3. [Manage Gear] Fixed the incorrect display of the number of gear sets worn in the Manage Gear interface.

4. [Hero Rating] Fixed the bug of the Guild Leader rating in the Hero Rating interface.


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