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Patch Notes – July 6th, 2022

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates

1. [Hero] Added 2 new legendary heroes: Thor (Water), Aubry (Dark).

2. [Hero] Added 2 new epic heroes: Aurea (Dark), Jabez (Dark).

3. [System] Added a new function: Custom Gear Set.

4. [System] Added a new function of backpack: Discard Multiple gear.

5. [Gameplay] New [Ruins of Gods] opens! Duration: July.7-21. Added guild ranking list and optimized part of the interface.

6. [Event] Advanced Summon Rate Up Event opens! The chance of summoning Thor increases by 3x in Advanced Summon for a limited time!

Hero Adjustments (All stats are max.Level & subject to the in-game effects)

[Set Adjustments]

Revival Set: The restoration effect can be triggered up to 2 times per round.


Trait: Attacks only ignore [Damage Reduction], [Shield] on the target.

[Lightwing Zachary]

Trait: Add the trigger limit. This ability can only trigger at most one extra turn in any turn.

[Evelyn Firstdawn]

S1: [Battlefield Command] Increase damage from 80% to 120%.

S2: [Vanguard] Increase damage from 100% to 150% and call in a joint attack from the ally with the highest Attack.

[Crazed Urzag]

Stat: Increase base health.


Stat: Increase base attack.

Grants [Moonlight] upon any Ally’s attack in non-Imogen’s turn.

Ascension: Grants 1 stack of [Moonlight] upon any out-of-turn Ally’s attack.

S3: [Crescent Dance] When removing the positive effect successfully, increase the damage to the main target by 30%.

[Corrupt Orakh]

S2: [Torment] restores HP will be based on the Max Health.

S2: [Torment] Damage scales with Max Health.

Ascension: Swapped the order of [Defense+15%] and [Health+15%].

[Spell Adjustments]

Water Prison: Can be resisted.

Stone Shackles:The health recover effect requires the target to be petrified to take effect.

[Hero Recall]

New hero recall event: Vance and Lightwing Zachary. Duration: July.6-12.


1. Fixed the issue of incorrect round statistics in the battle statistics interface.

2. Fixed the issue of the incorrect description of [Holy Burst] of Lord of Holy Light in No Man’s Land.


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