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Patch Notes – October 19th, 2022

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates
1. [Summon Event] Advanced Summon Drop Rate Up event is back!
Gangelo’s drop rate in Advanced Summon is increased by 300% for a limited time!
We’ve also added a pity system so Gangelo is guaranteed in 400 summons!
2. [Advanced Quests] Adjusted some Advanced Quests’ completion requirements.
– Battle quests now require completing the specific battle 5 times instead of 10.
– Glyph collection quests now require collecting 5 glyphs instead of 10.
– Removed ability upgrade quests.
3. [Team Arena] Team Arena S3 will be open from October 24, 00:00, to December 18, 00:00 (UTC-4)!
4. Adjusted the gear management function.
– Added a new “Loot Filter” feature to Multi-Battle that allows you to select the gear you want to keep (opposite to Gear Discard).
– [Gear Discard] Added “Type” and “Secondary Stat 2” options.
– [Backpack] Added “Secondary Stat 2 option” to the Gear Filter.
5. [Squad] Added an option to choose whether to enable Auto Mode on the Squad screen.
6. [Squad Presets] You can now create separate squad presets for different battle types.
7. [Heroes] The hero information pop-up window now displays the name of the hero’s custom set.
8. [Custom Sets]
– Added a feature that allows you to replace old custom sets.
– A custom set name is now automatically generated when you save a custom set.
– Added a prompt when the name of the custom set you want to save already exists.
9. [Shop] Added a gift pack that contains Elune Matrices.
10. [Evelyn] The bonus attack from Evelyn’s Basic ability is now guaranteed to trigger (instead of a 50% chance) when the target’s Health is below 50%.

Bug Fixes
1. [Myla] Fixed an issue where Myla’s Ultimate ability could only freeze the primary target.
2. [Backstage Battle] Fixed an issue where heroes not in Backstage Battle were marked as in Backstage Battle in certain cases.
3. [Holy Armor Virgil] Fixed an issue where a battle error might occur when Holy Armor Virgil affected by Unhealable was attacked.
4. [Arcane Dominator] Fixed a display error of the Raider Set icon on the Arcane Dominator.
5. [Battle] Fixed an issue where the effect icons below the Boss’s Health bar couldn’t be tapped to view details.


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