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Patch Notes – February 11th, 2022

Game Update


1. Added Arena Effect: Starting from round 2, increase the Attack of both sides by 15% each round

2. New Arena Season adjustments:

– Increased season length to 8 weeks. The new season will be Feb. 13th – Apr. 10th (UTC)

– Arena Shop will change to Season Shop; Rewards will refresh each season.

– Adjustments for the following items:

[Hierarchy Soul Arcana] Now changed to a purchase limit of 1 each season. Price decreased from 4000 to 2000 Arena Tokens.

[Special Gear Charm] Decreased the price from 80 to 50 Arena Tokens on Charms with a purchase limit. Added Special Gear Charm with no limit of purchase to the shop.

[Gear] Weekly refreshed gear will be replaced by seasonal gear with the same stats for everyone. Added [Ring] and [Necklace] types of gear to the shop. Seasonal gear has a purchase limit of 1 per season for each type.

– Adjustments for Arena Rank Rewards

[Weekly Rewards] Added Arena Tokens to weekly tier rewards.

[Season Tier Rewards] Increased the season rewards for ranks Diamond and below

[Seasonal Rank Rewards] Increased the rewards for seasonal Ranking rewards.


3. Fixed a bug in Godfery’s trait, where the cooldown of all enemies’ ultimate ability increases by 1 turn when only 1 enemy receives a positive effect.


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