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Patch Notes – April 6th, 2022

New Updates
*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.
1. [Event] New Event for April opens: Lord of the Oceans. Gather your team and challenge Pirate Queen – Evera!
Event Duration: Apr.07 – Apr.17
2. [Skins] Hero Skin feature now available. 3 hero skins will be available for Nathalia (CBT exclusive), Asrina and Blackhorn.
Completing challenges in the event [Lord of the Oceans] to get the skin [The People’s Shaman] for Blackhorn. More skins will be available in future Events.
3. [Dungeon] Adjusted the mechanism of Roaring Tulpa in Level.1 to 12
Before: [Boulder Shield]: Grants an unremovable [Boulder Shield] for 2 turns at the start of the turn at 50% HP or less. If the Shield is not broken after it expires, deal true damage to all enemies.
After: At the start of the turn, if Tulpa’s HP is below 50%, grant one stack of unremovable [Tulpic Fervor]. When Tulpa has 4 stacks of [Tulpic Fervor] at the start of the turn, launches a bonus attack with [Fissure] and deals true damage to all enemies.
4. [Arena] New Arena Season will come soon. Season duration: Apr.11 – Jun.5. Seasonal Arena Shop and Seasonal rewards will be reset as well.
5. [Guild] Optimized certain graphic issues in Guild Management and Guild Chat interface
6. [Battle] Optimized the graphics effect during Battle for the following Heroes: Crazed Urzag, Abaddon, Mulhex, Valeria, Brand, Andre, Hugh, Connor, Ztlin

1. [Spell] Fixed a description error of [Shield of Mercy] in certain languages.
2. [Voice] Fixed the voice errors of Evera and Hugh during Battles


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