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Patch Notes – September 7th, 2022

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates
1. [Hero] Added 4 new heroes: Nero (Water), Fahim (Wood), Lyerly (Water), Elune (Water).
2. [Summon] Added a special summoning event for Nero. In this event, when a player pulls a legendary hero, there’s a 50% chance of it being Nero. If the first pull was not successful, the next legendary hero summoned is guaranteed to be Nero. Please refer to Summon Details for specified information.
3. [Event] Added new event gameplay for Nero: New Lord’s Era; Unlocked after passing the Adventure 7-8. Event time: September 7 ~ September 20.
4. [System] Added a new hero development system: Mastery.
5. [Dispatch] Added Dispatch Acceleration function and Dispatch Shop.
6. [Ruins of Gods] Made some optimization for a better experience.
Information interface: Added more player information and formation display to the stage information interface.
Battle optimization: Added countdown display in the battle and extend the limited battle time to 15 minutes.
Battle chances: The number of remaining Daily battle chances and extra battle chances will be displayed separately. Daily battle chances will be consumed firstly.
Scene effects: Optimized the visual effects of the battle grid for better distinction.
Stage optimization:
– Lowered the coefficient of Lightwing Zachary’s attack and ultimate ability
– Optimized some Talents: 1-3, 3-2, 5-3.
– Element Guard Tower: Optimized the ability effects of each Elemental Boss.
-Adjustments of the Hurricane Ruler’s ability.
Extended the duration of Windrager, lowered the shield HP of Stormshield, and increased the damage dealt to the Boss when Storm Shield breaks.
Added a new effect: Deals massive damage to an enemy that scales based on the number of positive effects the target has.

Before: Remove all positive effects from the target
After: Increase damage by 50% after ability reinforcement
The threshold for all boss ability reinforcement was changed from 20% of maximum health to 5% of maximum health.
Optimized the ability descriptions. Additional ability effects will be shown in the ability description.
7. [Web Event] Made some optimization for a better experience.
-Added higher point tiers and rewards to the current web events.
-Added a new web event: Dragon Cup Rally.
-More rewards for Book of Masters and lots of advanced gears.
8. [Magic Pass] New Magic Pass will be available from September 12th. The Legendary Hero of this Pass will be Boolin.
9. [Arcane Dungeon] 6-star gears can now be dropped in each Arcane Dungeon from the Stage 10.
10. [Forge] The first tier of gears forged are adjusted from 4-5 stars to 4-6 stars.

1. Fixed several display errors in the Abyssal Trial.
2. Fixed the possible display error of Battle Results in Team Arena.
3. Fixed the description error of Rick’s ability: Mark of Doom.
4. Fixed the problem of missing ability description of Holy Armor Virgil’s Chastisement.
5. Fixed description error regarding to True Damage in Corrupt Orakh’s Ultimate Execution.
6. Fixed the issue of over high possibility to trigger Edicris’s Bonus Attack.


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