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Patch Notes – September 28th, 2022

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates
1. [Achievements] Added achievements and rewards related to web events and Dragon Cup Rally.
2. [Combat] Re-designed the mechanics of [Ignite] and [Bleeding] to make them more distinctive. We’ll add more heroes featuring [Ignite] and [Bleeding] to help you build lineups revolving around these two effects.
True damage equal to 12% Attack >> Regular damage equal to 30% Attack (can be reduced by Armor)
Ignite can now trigger Critical Strike and benefit from Crit. Damage.
True damage equal to 12% Attack >> True damage equal to 15% Attack
Timing: At the end of the target’s turn >> After the target casts an ability
Duration: Lasts X turns >> Lasts X rounds
3. [Guild Boss] Added higher-level challenge chests and Books of Legendary Masters to the challenge rewards.
4. [Ruins of Gods] A new season is available between 09/29 and 10/13. Added Books of Legendary Masters to the end-of-season rewards.
5. [System] Added a new [Promotion Bonuses] feature that allows you to claim bonus login rewards for 5 days each time you promote a new Legendary hero to 6 Stars.
6. [Advanced Quests] Adjusted some Glyph-related quests.
Original quests: Ascend 1 Hero’s Glyph to Elite/Epic.
New quests: Get 10 Epic/Legendary Glyphs.
7. [System] Added a new bundle, Level Up Gift, to the Shop.
Purchasing the bundle allows you to claim bonus rewards as your account level increases.
8. [Heroes] Added the description of [Truestrike] to the Detailed Stats screen.
9. [Dragon Cup Rally] Fixed an issue with the required points for the highest tier and the corresponding rewards in [Dragon Cup Rally] Arena. Adjusted the points from 6,000 to 5,000, and the rewards from 4-Star Holy Pumpkin to Special Charm.
10. [Sky Duel] Season 2 [Season Phantom] will open from September 28th to November 27th (UTC-4).
The new season adjusted the rewards of weekly quests and add new loot: Book of Legendary Masters.

Bug Fixes
1. [Index] Fixed an issue with the hero stats in the Index. Now it displays the heroes’ basic stats at Lv. 70.
2. [Garnet] Fixed an issue where Garnet’s trait ability could be triggered by allies’ abilities on her.
3. [Fahim] Fixed the incorrect description of Fahim’s Immune state. It is now consistent with the description of other Immune states.
4. [Gear Augment] Fixed an issue where Mythic Ores weren’t displayed in the Boss Battle of Chosen Faction Challenge.
5. [Abilities] Fixed the incorrect description of the duration of William’s ultimate ability.
6. [Dungeons] Fixed an issue where the description of the Queen of Tides’ ability, [Dragon Bomb], was incomplete.


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