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Patch Notes – November 2, 2022

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates
1. [Event] New Summoning Event: Mystique Summon is available from November 3, 00:00, to November 10, 00:00 (UTC-4)
2. [Storm Duel] Optimized some of the features.
– Added a Skip Battle option that allows you to skip the battle once selected.
– Modified the timeout penalty; the match no longer ends after 10 rounds, and all heroes will receive Frenzy stacks starting from the 4th round (same as the penalty in Sky Duel).
– Optimized the Leaderboard interface; now the Rankings and Rewards are displayed in separate tabs.
– You can now edit squads on the event’s home screen; but can no longer enter the matchmaking screen when there are no ongoing seasons.
3. [UI] You can now directly lock gear on the Rewards screen.
4. [Shop] Added category labels to the Shop screen.
5. [Ultimate Ability Animation] The trigger chance of the Ultimate ability animation will be reduced once it’s played 5 times on the day.
6. [Friends] Players who don’t allow others to add them will no longer appear on the friend recommendation list.

Hero Adjustments
1. [Battle] Ability Immunity is now correctly interpreted as a positive effect.
2. [Savanna] Fixed an issue where the Resentment icon would disappear after the Trait ability was ascended.
3. [Divine Yolanda] Optimized the description of Divine Yolanda’s Ultimate ability to avoid confusion.

Bug Fixes
1. [Multi-Battle] Fixed an issue where the Secondary Stat 1 and Secondary Stat 2 options couldn’t take effect at the same time.
2. Fixed an error in the damage calculation of the spell [Smoldering Flames].


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