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Patch Notes – June 8th,2022

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates
1. [New Heroes] Added 2 new legendary heroes: Geironul (Fire), Darcy (Fire). Added 1 new Epic hero: Crixus (Wood)
2. [Event] New Geironul Event: Dawn Is Coming opens! The event is unlocked after clearing Adventure 7-8. Event duration: Jun.08 – Jun.22
3. [Summon] New Summon for Geironul opens! Duration: Jun.08 – Jun.22

– When a player pulls a legendary hero, there’s a 50% chance of it being Geironul. If the first pull was not successful, the next legendary hero summoned is guaranteed to be Geironul. Please refer to Summon Details for specified information


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