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Patch Notes – January 20th, 2022


[New Hero] New Epic Hero: Thorn Shaman – Okubi

[Arena] Increase points awarded from Wins and Win Streaks. Increase point lost from failed attacks and defense.

[System] Improved notifications in Arcane Dungeon, Bounty Hunt, Guild Boss, and Hero Matrix Request.

[System] Improved operation in Hero Banishment. Now scrolling will not select heroes by mistake.

Bug Fixes

[Ability] Fixed the description error of Foody’s ability. Reduces EXP cost for upgrading by 50%, not 20%.

[Arena] Fixed an error in Arena matching.

[Battle] Fixed an error where Windstrex’s HP bar shows in the wrong position.

[Battle] Fixed an error where Blackhorn’s Totem and Scarlett’s wolf do not have icons.

[Battle] Fixed a bug where Vance’s ultimate ability does not ignore Yolanda’s shield.

[Battle] Fixed a description error in Antinua’s trait. Now trait will trigger with the correct round.

[Russian] Fixed missing text in Russian.

[Graphics] Fixed an effect error of Lightwing Zachary skill.

[Scenario] Fixed lighting errors in the Chapter 7 sub-story stage.

[Optimization] Optimized display for certain IOS devices.

[Localization] Fixed some other text display issues in certain languages.

[Monthly Card] Fixed that the rewards of Monthly Card reward were abnormal. Now the Gold and EXP bonus of Monthly Card is 20%.

[Battle] Fixed a bug where opening the chat keyboard during combat would pause the game.


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