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Patch Notes (07/12/2023)

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates
1. [New Hero] Jerome (Wood): A Legendary attacker hero from the Titan Icelands faction.
2. [New Hero] Aristle (Light): An Epic support hero from the Holy Light Empire faction.
3. [New Hero] Salgas (Dark): An Epic support hero from the Soulplunders faction.
4. [Summon Event] The first 2 Legendary hero pulls additionally grant 1 random Legendary hero each.
Event Period: 07/13 00:00 – 07/20 00:00 (UTC-4)
5. [Limited Summon] A new round of Limited Summon is available.
Event Period: 07/13 00:00 – 07/27 00:00 (UTC-4)
Legendary heroes featured this round: Jerome, Rosalie, Halia, and all Legendary Light and Dark heroes.
If 2 consecutive Legendary hero pulls don’t contain Jerome, the next Legendary hero summoned is guaranteed to be Jerome.
6. [New Feature] Guild War trial season is starting soon.
Event Period: 07/13 00:00 – 07/27 00:00 (UTC-4)

Rift of Chaos Adjustments
1. Ultimate ability casts grant [Attack Up]. The Attack bonus is lowered from 10% to 5% and can stack infinitely.
[Earthen Titan]
1. Tide Turner (Stage 5-12): When an enemy applies damage-over-time effects, Earthen Titan gains 30% bonus Resistance (instead of 50%/100%).
2. Earthen Realm (Stage 5-12): When an enemy heals other enemies, Earthen Titan reduces their healing amount by 60% (instead of 100%).
[Arctic Goliath]
2. Frozen Seal (Stage 1-12): The “Frozen Seal” effect can now be removed.
[Lava Colossus]
1. Scorching Combo (Stage 9-12): Rage cap is raised from 6 to 8.
2. Fiery Strike (Stage 1-12): Damage of “Ignite” is lowered from 30%/50% of Attack to 20% of Attack.


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