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Patch Notes (04/19/2023)

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates
1. [New Hero] Hyunwoo (Wood): a Legendary attacker hero from the Free Cities faction.
2. [New Hero] Desdemona (Dark): a Legendary crowd control hero from the Soulplunders faction.
*The hero is temporarily unavailble in Advanced Summon.
3. [New Hero] Daphne (Water): an Epic attacker hero from the Lasir faction.
4. [New Challenge] Rift of Chaos is now available. Challenge the bosses to get the new gear – Relics.
5. [New Gear] Relics: each hero can now equip 3 Relics, namely Astro Crest, Astro Tome, and Astro Grail. Relics provide special bonuses that can further strengthen heroes’ specific stats and overall combat power.
6. [Limited Summon] A new round of Limited Summon is available from 04/20 00:00 to 05/04 00:00 (UTC-4).
Legendary heroes featured this round: Hyunwoo, Geironul, Opal, and all Legendary Light and Dark heroes.
Pity system: If 2 consecutive Legendary hero pulls don’t contain Hyunwoo, the next Legendary hero pull is guaranteed to contain Hyunwoo.
7. [Summon Event] Gangelo’s drop rate is increased by 300%, and Gangelo is guaranteed within 400 summons.
Event period: 04/20 00:00 – 04/27 00:00 (UTC-4).
8. [Summon Event] Desdemona’s and Halia’s drop rates are increased by 300%, and Halia is guaranteed within 400 summons.
Event period: 04/27 00:00 – 05/04 00:00 (UTC-4).

Game Optimization
1. Added combat power display to the Hero screen.
2. Optimized the control experience of the Blitz mode.
3. Blitz will now automatically end after obtaining enough Glyph scrolls.
4. Added a visual effect to indicate the gaining of bonus turns in battle.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed an issue where the damage bonus from Hydrissea’s Trait ability didn’t take effect.
2. Fixed a display issue with hero promotion in certain cases.
3. Fixed an issue where the game would freeze on the Select Squad screen in certain cases.
4. Fixed an issue with the time cost of Offline Battle in certain cases.


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