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Patch Notes (03/22/2023)

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates
1. [New Hero] Added Alisha, a Legendary Fire hero from the Free Cities.
2. [Summon Event] Alesia and Beran’s drop rates are increased by 300%, and Alesia is guaranteed within 400 summons.
Event period: 03/30 00:00 – 04/06 00:00 (UTC-4)
3. [Limited Summon] A new round of Limited Summon will be available from 03/23 00:00 through 04/06 00:00 (UTC-4).
Legendary heroes featured this round: Alisha, Lydia, Jocasta, and all Legendary Light and Dark heroes.

Game Optimization
1. Improved the game’s performance during battles.
2. Opponents’ info is now hidden in RTA before the battle starts.
3. Optimized the prompts when you try to synthesize, recall, or banish heroes deployed in Storm Duel.
4. Optimized the network connection on the Dispatch screen.
5. Heroes will now correctly face the target when casting ranged abilities.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed a display issue of the Faction War’s background in certain cases.
2. Fixed a display issue of heroes deployed in No Man’s Land in certain cases.
3. Fixed an error in the description of Light heroes’ stat bonus in Elemental Power (the Precision increase was incorrectly described as Health increase).
4. Fixed an issue with the effects of Ralf’s awakened abilities.
A special recall event for Ralf will be available from 03/22 00:00 through 03/29 00:00 (UTC-4) for you to recall him for free.
5. Fixed an issue where certain actions on Multi-Battle’s result screen would cause the game to freeze or crash.
6. Fixed an issue with the sound effects of Hitoshi’s abilities.
7. Fixed an issue with the sound effects of Sacred Windstrex’s abilities.
8. Fixed an issue where Auto Mode in the Arena would cause the game to freeze or crash.


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