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Patch Notes (01/24/2024)

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates
1. [Summon Event] Badmar’s drop rate is increased by 300%. Badmar is guaranteed within 400 summons.
Event Period: 01/25 00:00 – 02/08 00:00 (UTC-4)
2. [Limited Summon] A new round of Limited Summon is available from 01/25 00:00 to 02/08 00:00 (UTC-4).
Legendary heroes featured this round: Ralf, Lyerly, Fendrich, and all Legendary Light and Dark heroes.
If 2 consecutive Legendary hero pulls don’t contain Ralf, the next Legendary hero summoned is guaranteed to be Ralf.
3. [Ruins of Gods] A new season is starting soon. Event Period: 02/01 00:00 – 02/15 00:00 (UTC-4)

Bug Fixes
1. The indicator of the [Control Immunity] effect in Zoltan’s Ultimate Ability, Fahim’s Trait Ability (Ascended), and Crixus’s Trait Ability has been changed from the blue one to an yellow one (functionality remains the same).
2. The [Control Immunity] effect in Karma’s Trait Ability and Royce’s Trait Ability now has an [Unremovable] label (functionality remains the same).
3. Fixed the issue in the description of Darkened Nicklaus’s Trait Ability (Ascended). The Shield and the Control Immunity effect last 2 turns (functionality remains the same).
4. The description of Guan Yu’s Ultimate Ability has been bettered (functionality remains the same).
5. The description of Oderic’s Trait Ability has been bettered (functionality remains the same).
6. Fixed the issue that the additional True Damage dealt by Crazed Urzag’s Ultimate Ability and Balberith’s Ultimate Ability killed an enemy and did not trigger Urzag’s or Balberith’s ability effect(s).
7. Fixed the issue where an error prompt would be triggered when the smoke effect of Wilsie’s Trait Ability blocked out the Leader Ability Aura.


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