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Patch Notes (01/04/2023)

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates
1. [Home Screen] Revamped the home screen. The Attack on Titan collaboration will begin soon.
2. [Collaboration Event] Added a warm-up event for the Attack on Titan collaboration. The official collaboration will begin on 01/11 at 00:00:00 (UTC-4)
3. [Glorious Return] Added a Glorious Return system for Lv.35 and above adventurers who haven’t logged in for a long time. Returning adventurers will get great rewards via exclusive tasks and bonuses.
4. [Challenge Quests] Optimized the Hero Mastery and Arcane Dominator-related quests so they’re now easier to complete.
5. [Dispatch] Optimized the interactive experience and added new mission rarities. Also increased the Dragon Cup Rally points and Dispatch Gold can be obtained via dispatch missions.
6. [Events] Lowered the difficulty of the Gear Collection event. Gear obtained will now grant more points.
7. [Chat] Added a new [Guild Recruitment] channel.
8. [Custom Sets] Increased the max number of Custom Sets that can be saved from 50 to 80.
9. [Events] Adjusted the order of event rewards. Some of the advanced rewards are now easier to obtain.

Novice Content Update
1. To help new adventurers more easily get through the early stage, we added heroes at discounted prices to the following shops:
– Guild Shop: Scarlett
– Arena Shop: Windstrex
– Trial Shop: Lunar Melizza
2. Hero Synthesis: Replaced the Legendary hero Siress with the Legendary hero Bella. The synthesis path is unchanged.
3. Guild Boss: In the early stage, Guild Boss will drop more accessories of fewer types and will no longer grant Gold.

Battle & Balance Adjustments (All ability stats are max-level stats, excluding Mastery effects. Please refer to the actual effects in game)
1. All heroes’ ability cooldowns will be reset upon entering the Boss wave.
2. Dungeon – Ash Magisteria
Flame Bomb will now target the hero with the highest Attack by default.

[Mastery System Adjustments]
1. Increased the value of Truestrike Rate in Mastery from 10%/20% to 15%/25%.
Truestrikes now ignore 80% of the target’s Defense (instead of 50%).
2. Adjusted the following heroes’ Mastery and added a limited-time Hero Recall event (01/04 – 01/11).
a. Imogen, Garrell, Nero
Replaced “+15 Speed” with “+20% Crit Damage”; changed “Truestrike Rate” to “Crit Rate”.
b. Ashlynn, Doomweaver Valeria:
Changed “Truestrike Rate” to “Attack %”.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed a display error of Storm Duel’s progress level.
2. Fixed an issue where the Dispatch Shop was still locked after unlocking the Dispatch feature.
3. Fixed an issue with Kyle’s battle logic after he transformed into Doomweaver Valeria.


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