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Patch Notes – September 21st, 2022

*Contents are under development and subject to change. Please refer to actual in-game information.

New Updates
1. [Heroes] Added 2 new Legendary heroes, Bella (Fire) and Donovon (Wood), and 1 new Epic hero, Viola (Fire)
2. [Heroes] Added a new Hero Advance feature that allows you to raise heroes’ level caps to Lv. 70. Starlit Tendrils used for hero advancement can be obtained via Advanced Quests and Diamond Shop.
3. [Summon Event] Advanced Summon Drop Rate Up event is back! Flarence’s drop rate in Advanced Summon is increased by 300% for a limited time!
*We’ve also added a pity system so Flarence is guaranteed in 400 summons!
4. [Limited Summon] New Legendary hero Bella is available in this round’s Limited Summon for two weeks! Legendary heroes in this round’s Limited Summon are Bella (Fire), Jocasta (Wood), and Tashir (Water).
5. [Dungeons] Added new Arcane Dominator difficulties, Hell Stage III and IV, which have a chance to drop Fabled gear.
6. [Gear] Added Fabled gear, which has an additional Fabled stat that cannot be enhanced. Only 6-Star Legendary gear may have a chance to be Fabled gear. Fabled gear can be obtained via Arcane Dominator Hell Stage III and IV.
7. [Forge] 6-Star Legendary gear obtained via Forging also has a chance to be Fabled gear.
8. [Gear Augment] Added a new Gear Augment system that allows you to effectively improve gear’s secondary stats.
9. [Chosen Faction Challenge] Now grants Mythic Ores used for gear augmentation.
10. [Quests] Added Advanced Quests, which grant Book of Masters of different qualities.
11. [Quests] Added Legendary Badge Matrix to Weekly Quest rewards.
12. [Arcane Dungeons] Arcane Dungeons, including EXP Dungeon, Gold Dungeon, and Charm Dungeon, will now become available during specific Web Events. Acquiring points is never so easy!
13. [Arena] Arena S8 is coming soon! Season period: September 26th – November 20th.
14. [Dungeons] Replaced Boss Tulpa’s Shield with Tulpic Fervor under Hell Stage I and II difficulties.

We’ve also made the following adjustments to the early-game content:
1. Changed the hero reward in 7-Day Rookie Quests from Myla to Zatlux.
2. Added a rookie-exclusive Garrell Drop Rate Up Summon event.
*The event lasts 14 days after account registration.
3. Removed the Rookie Summon that unlocks after clearing Adventure 2-8.
4. Re-designed the rewards of some tasks and achievements in the early stage.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed an issue where heroes might trigger 2 counterattacks at the cost of 1 stack of Counterattack effects.
2. Fixed some display and text adaptation issues in the Web Event interface.
3. Fixed an issue where the actual point acquisition of the Web Forging Event was different than stated in the description.
4. Fixed some display issues of the units’ names in Arcane Dominator details.
5. Fixed an issue where the Return to Tavern button would appear when viewing the Backpack during Multi-Battle.
6. Fixed an issue that caused the displacement of the promotion window on the home screen.


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